The Cage and The Key

The Cage and The Key by Amy Abrams

A Spiritual Sojourn by Amy Abrams

This novel tells the story of a New York City artist who travels west—to Arizona and New Mexico—on a spiritual sojourn to find her authentic self. In many ways, it parallels my own story of personal, professional and spiritual growth. Straight from my heart, its honesty has hit a nerve with women facing challenges in career, motherhood and romance. The book encourages readers to access their power and find happiness. Many readers say “I couldn’t put it down.” I also hear “I laughed and I cried.” If you read it, I hope it encourages self-discovery and fosters authenticity.

Author Amy Abrams

A fast-paced and often funny narrative, the book is a guide for women seeking personal and spiritual fulfillment in an increasingly volatile world. Revealing shocking truths about the oppression of women throughout history, The Cage and The Key brings courage and inspiration to those who aim for female empowerment.


About Amy

I pursued a spiritual path to uncover my true self because I spent most of my life pretending. I had no idea who I was, so I played varied roles to fit in. Yet, I wanted to feel authentic—to feel real, happy and fulfilled—and to be genuine and truly present for others. Decade by decade, seeking and finding spiritual fulfillment, I became my authentic self.

I finally said, “Well, I will be me,” and began writing what I truly felt. Publishing The Cage and The Key was the next step. I’m learning that your inner light shines forth when you relinquish your veils. It’s a relief to be real. It is surprising to me that others find my authenticity and vulnerability appealing. Many who read the book assume the story is my story. I am always flattered that the characters and narrative seem so real to readers that they think it’s my story. Well, it sorta is…the narrative arc is my arc…but it’s fiction, not fact. Technically, it’s semi-autobiographical…
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